Easiest Universal Remote to Use and Program
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Easiest Universal Remote to Use and Program

Choosing a universal remote control? Wife won't turn channels for you? Dog not trained? Check out these universal remotes that claim to be the easiest universal remotes in terms of use and programming.

While no universal remote seems to be quite as good as the original, we have all run into times when we want that universal remote anyway. With so many brands and styles on the market, it’s hard to choose which channel changer will agree with our electronic systems as well as we would like it to. For those of us without kids to turn channels, we delve into the options we have before us.

First option is to train the wife and dog to change them. But what happens when you have no dog and the wife is out all the time? You’ve tried throwing a beer at the TV, just to see if it would work and while it got you the new LCD big screen television you wanted so badly, it didn’t change the fact that the channel was still set to the home shopping network.

Second option, is to check out all the electronic stores in the area to see what they’ve got. That means you have to run around and figure it all out. That’s gas; body energy used and it would also mean getting up. Too much effort. So, we go to the best place we know of in this emergency situation – the Internet.

Looking around, we find the Logitech Harmony 880 LCD Remote Control. This option seems good unless of course your eyes can’t read writing on the smaller keys any more. With tiny keys, it may be more difficult to figure out what it is you are doing, however, it might be just the thing you need to program the wife and dog! No?

The 880 series of remote has an ease of use. This is good, yes? The included software installs on your Windows or Mac desktop. You enter your make and model for components you wish to control, answer some questions on how you use the equipment you own. The software then figures up what needs to be done. It commands the equipment, including figuring out the input channel, turns the electronic stuff on and off, which makes it all pretty cool.

You are supplied with a USB cord to your PC, and then the remote can be updated for all of your equipment you’ve entered.

The system includes a handy dandy “Help” button as well; just in case you are actually in need of instructions and will in fact, use them. Once this ideal remote fixes a problem, the updates are loaded into the settings so the problem won’t occur again.

While this remote seems a bit “frilly” in the options and features, it takes care of the problem. It seems built well enough, but tends to be one of the remotes that you don’t want dropped a whole lot as it could cause some problems or break. So don’t anger the wife and have her throw it at you.

These remotes can be found on eBay for $16-$17 and range anywhere from this amount to $220 depending on the store.

Another choice is the Logitech Harmony One. We’re back to Logitech again simply for the customer ratings. Five star ratings are hard to beat by those that have used them. The Logitech Harmony One users boast this remote as being comfortable, easy to use, long battery life and can control any device controlled by remote. This was stated by eight various users on the wize.com website, however, 932 users joined them in giving this remote the five star rating. Only 291 gave a four star rating and 71 three stars. All comments about this sleek looking remote were about how comfortable it felt in your hand, while being one of the easier remotes to use and program.

Now we move away from Logitech and find the Tek Pal. The phrase coined for this remote is “The World’s Simplest and Easiest Big Button Remote”. The Tek Partner is a very large remote; displays are huge, along with the buttons. Clear lettering appearing on the face to allow those of us that have difficulty seeing the smaller buttons to see this channel surfer very well.

Tek Pal claims the remote is set up for simplistic programming. A few simple steps and you are on your way to watching those cheerleaders…uh-hmm-games you are so interested in. Simply touch the manual “on” button on your TV (if you haven’t seen this button for a while, it is normally on the front of the television). Press and hold ON/OFF and MUTE button together on your Tek Pal for 3 seconds. The indicator light above the ON/OFF button will remain lit. Press and release CH+ or CH- button until the TV shuts back off. Press the MUTE button immediately after the TV shuts off to complete the Tek Pal set-up. The indicator light will blink 3 times, indicating you’ve done it and are ready to go! Sounds simple, yes?

All customer comments on this remote indicate there are some happy television remote owners out there.

For those that are a bit more technology infused, there is the Kameleon 8 in 1 Touch Screen Professional Grade remote control. The company claims that if the codes don’t work, this remote can learn off your original remote control. If you need a universal remote, why do you still have your old one?

Ahem, but I digress. You can use this remote to get rid of all other remotes in the home. The screen is lit up to give you a fairly clear image of channels, on/off and other buttons that keep you entertained. This remote is guaranteed to work on any electronic equipment (no, not the wife) and has Kameleon’s learning technology, meaning it can learn commands and displays programmed in.

The Kameleon is a full touch screen illuminated display that houses one button to turn on and off all of your equipment. The highlighted claim is that it is the easiest remote you will ever use. The price was $499.95, but has been reduced to a measly $99.95. Free postage on all orders over $120 is included in the business dealings with Cable Magic.

There are so many remotes to choose from, giving ample opportunity to select the one that is right for you and your spouse. These are just a few that claims they are the easiest to use. The determination rests on your shoulders as what is “easiest” for you. If you are a technological genius, then one that is more computerized is probably right up your alley. If you have difficulties in this area, then the more simple versions of remotes are easily had.

Which remote you choose is to fit your lifestyle, visual abilities and one that’s compatible with your system. If this doesn’t work, there is always the old tried and true size 12 shoe.

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