Review of Grundig Opus DAB Radio: A DAB Receiver of High Quality
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Review of Grundig Opus DAB Radio: A DAB Receiver of High Quality

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DAB is a short for Digital Audio Broadcasting, which is the next generation of radio and was developed in Europe by a consortium of broadcaster and manufacturers. Grundig AG is a German manufacturer of consumer electronics for home entertainment and was established in 1945 in Nuremberg, Germany by Max Grundig. The one I’m writing about is one of Grundig digital radio products, given the full name, Grundig Opus DAB Radio.

Packaging and Features:

Grundig Opus DAB Radio comes in a well packaged recycled box, which contains a DAB radio, a Mains Cable and a User Guide. The radio is approximately 27cm wide, 10cm high and 10cm deep. The unit is in a natural wood colour with twin silver stereo speakers. At the top there is a handle in the middle, a DAB antenna behind and the functional controls in front. These controls include a power on/off button, 5 preset/store memory buttons and a volume button.

There is a DOT MATRIX display screen in the centre of the front part. It is about 7cm long and 2.5cm wide and is white lettering on a blue background. That can show channel and program information in two lines.

There are 8 buttons in three lines under the display. The first line has two buttons: Scroll PREV in the left and Scroll NEXT in the right; The second line has three buttons: Display button for switches between the signal strength indicator and the selected information; Mute button in the middle and Scan button for auto searching for all available stations; The third line has three buttons too: Menu button in the left, Select button in the middle for confirming the selection, and Shift button for presenting buttons.

At the rear you can see an earphone socket, an AC Plug and two Stereo line outputs for connecting to other amplifier.


It’s very easy to getting started. First you should connect to AC power. Then you extend the antenna and press the Power button to turn on the unit. For auto scan you need to press the Scan button, then the radio will commence the station search process and the display screen will indicate the progress and stations found. You can also search manually. Once the search has completed Grundig Opus DAB Radio will tune to the first station in the list. The station list is in a numerical order and retained in memory.

To change DAB stations you need press the PREV or NEXT buttons to scroll through the available stations. You can also press and hold PRESENT button to present up to 10 DAB stations. There is a menu control that enables you to configure some of the system options of the DAB. Just following the User Guide you can easily personalize the unit as you want.

Price and Availability:

In the UK you can buy Grundig Opus DAB Radio from some audio websites and the prices are about £40.

My opinion:

I like listening to radio and I have three DAB radios at home. Grundig Opus DAB Radio is the most basic one. However it’s my favourite one.

It’s very easy and simple to set up. I have got a wide range of radio stations within a couple of minutes. The 10 favourite DAB stations present function helped me save a lot of time for daily use.

The unit is small and looks very neat. The function buttons are practically set and reasonably large. It’s rarely to put wrong buttons even for people who have big hands.

The last, but not least the sound quality is excellent. To be honest I was surprised to find it out. It’s the most important reason I love Grundig Opus DAB Radio. I’m not an English native speaker. Listening to radio is one of the great ways for me to improve my English skill. Grundig Opus DAB Radio provides a very clear sound without any noise or interference. Considering the size of the speakers it’s really amazing and unbelievable.

The only disadvantage of Grundig Opus DAB Radio is that it does not have an FM tuner. However there are many qualified musical programmes to choose from other digital radio stations and the music sound is near CD quality.

In conclusion I’m very pleased with the performance of my Grundig Opus DAB Radio and I would highly recommend it to anybody for daily use.

Extra information:

Apart from producing Opus DAB Radio, Grundig DAB Radio also comes in RCD 1420 MP3, Sonoclock 890 WEB, and CDP 5100 SPCD, Just to name a few. For more details please visit Grundig official website.

For more product reviews please visit my articles on Factoidz.

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