Save Money: Switch From Satellite/Cable TV and Connect To Your Internet
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Save Money: Switch From Satellite/Cable TV and Connect To Your Internet

If you need to cut expenses then switching from satellite/cable tv to the Internet maybe your ticket to savings. Five out of nine Americans are making the switch today!

 Okay, as we all progress further deeper into this “inflation, hyperinflation, recession, recovery or no recovery, going into depression era” the truth of the matter is: we are all trying to save more money.   And what better place to look for saving money than switching from those expensive $70 - $110.00 monthly satellite/cable bills to something you already have -- your broadband Internet connection?

The reality is that according to recent Harris polls, 5 Americans out of 9 would gladly switch from satellite/cable to Internet-provided programming if they could easily connect their big-screen TV to their PCs. There is another main consideration as well.

Most persons are not yet emotionally prepared to depart with what was once the focal point of their households. Many are coming to the reality that not all that is being viewed through their TV screens is of their liking, expectations or even enjoyful; so, “enter the Internet.”

They journey from having a TV network dictate to their minds and say, “this is funny and this is not”, to now having their minds really become engaged by actively selecting what they want to watch. (1)

Alright, having made the decision to save money and perhaps learn something at the same time, which is the best way to switch your viewing pleasure from your satellite/cable providers to that of the Internet? There is only one way -- gradually.

This writer says gradually because you are not only dealing with the techie side of the transition, but with your psyche and your finances as well.   By checking for any VGA jacks and audio jacks on your TV you can have an instant entertainment center without having to go out and spend mega-bucks on a new Internet-connected TV. These new TVs have the Wi-Fi connections which make remote control browsing possible.   A wireless mouse and keyboard will also make your web-surfing more enjoyable. (2)

After connecting the PC and TV, you can gradually begin watching free viewing sites such as: YouTube, Hulu,, and OVGuide which easily download to a computer's hard drive. This will prepare you for making the “big leap” into the world-wide-web and cut the umbilical cord from your satellite/cable bills. Online free services are growing and in many cases provide movies, network programs and other media within one day after their initial release.

Online stores such as Apple iTunes will allow patrons to view some current movies and TV shows for free or by purchasing them individually. In a nutshell,  there’s an awful lot out in cyber-space for free or nearly for free and while not for everyone, this is a worthwhile endeavor to consider.

Will You Miss Satellite/Cable Programs?

Not by much. Cable channels like Discovery, SciFi, Food Network, HGTV and History have much content online and are expanding each day. By simply clicking “full episode”  links the chances are good to watch your favorite programs online.

Download Time

Net Flix usually downloads in about one minute. Hulu will usually require you to press pause, wait for a couple of minutes to load and viola! However, let buyer beware -- slow DSL connections are not the best platform for viewing programs. You may have to factor the cost for higher speed connections.(3) 

What better place to look for saving money than by switching from those expensive $70 - $110.00 monthly satellite/cable bills to something you already have -- your broadband Internet connection?

Updated: A comment by one of our faithful readers says that after ditching cable tv, the Internet went up. This is especially true if you have a bundle package.  



(1) Christian Science Monitor

(2) Perstreet. Cancel Your Cable: Why It’s Time To Switch To Internet TV.

(3) Daryl Kulak. How To Switch Cable Satellite TV to Internet.

Written by Beverly Anne Sanchez, June 22, 2011

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Comments (3)

I'm not much of a TV watcher, so I didn't even have cable TV for quite a long time. I bought a TV a few years ago and got cable and my bill, with the internet, was a little over a hundred dollars. Since I didn't watch it much anyway, I canceled it a couple of years ago. Beware. My internet bill before having cable TV was around 55.00 a month. After ditching cable TV? 67.00. They'll get you coming and going.

Thanks for your comments Pat...I've heard this before and will update it in the article....I think I only have about 3 cable programs I watch and most of them are FoxNews related...the rest is Internet.

Great tips on savings Beverly, thanks.